From Trainee Recruiter to Social Media Manager

December 11, 2023

My Everpool journey began back in March 2022 when I stepped into the world of recruitment! With no experience at all in the industry, I started working on non-clinical roles. I loved my role, and especially my team; they were great. Outside of work, I freelance within social media marketing, and being the creative individual I am, I felt like something was missing in my role.
Fast forward to June 2023, a marketing & social media position came up in the company. Knowing that this was my thing, but I was scared to move out of my comfort zone. When the MD, Ged, approached me about the role, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and put myself forward for the role given my creative genes and experience within the social media world šŸ’».

Now, in December 2023, Iā€™m coming to a full 6 months in my role. I am absolutely living my best marketer life! I have not only grown but also developed massively in my role; I am attending events alone, I have developed more meaningful relationships with my team, and get to use my creative juices every day.

In just a few months in my new role, Ged had enrolled and funded a digital marketing course to upskill myself. I attended the Digital Boost Skills Bootcamp for 8 weeks, and it was fantastic! The training has enabled me to expand my knowledge on the various methods of marketing available, some of which I had no knowledge of before. It was good for me to collaborate with other like-minded individuals to share their learning šŸ™Œ.

Thank you, Ged Walsh and Sophie Owens for making this happen! I cannot wait to see what 2024 brings to Everpool Recruitment.”

Written by:

Megan Brady

Marketing & Social Media Executive