From Black to Green: Navigating the Fashion Landscape with Style and Sustainability

November 24, 2023

Everpool fashion and beauty recruitment account manager Jess Walsh looks into many articles, to share her thoughts on how to balance grabbing them deals on Black Friday on 24.11.23 and also support sustainability within the fashion and beauty industry by supporting Green Friday.

Why not also get involved in the *buy nothing day* which is a pledge to buy nothing for 24 hours to raise awareness of the negative environmental of consequences of overconsumption which links into sustainable fashion on Saturday 25.11.23.

My advice as an experienced fashion stylist and theatrical makeup artist and now an experienced fashion and beauty recruitment account manager is for all brands to collaborate with us at Everpool to recruit the right people to share how to wear your brand well and sell your wonderful clothes, accessories and beauty products whether that is statement high-end sustainable products that last many wears or fast fashion that styles up a special outfit for your night out.

Black Friday is a popular shopping event that takes place annually on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season and has become one of the busiest and most significant retail days of the year.

On Black Friday, retailers offer substantial discounts, special promotions, and doorbuster deals to attract shoppers both in-store and online. It has become a tradition for many people to take advantage of these discounts to kick off their holiday shopping, often resulting in long lines and crowded stores to get those unbeatable Deals and Savings:

Customers eagerly await this day to snag discounts on products they’ve been eyeing, making it an opportune time to make significant purchases at a fraction of the cost. These savings can be particularly beneficial for families preparing for the holiday season.

🤝 Community Engagement and Excitement:

Black Friday transcends mere transactions; it fosters community engagement and excitement. The shared experience of seeking deals, whether online or in-store, creates a sense of camaraderie among shoppers. Retailers often organize special events, giveaways, and promotions, enhancing the festive spirit and strengthening the bond between brands and their customers.

🌐 Global Connectivity:

Black Friday’s global presence connects people from different corners of the world through a shared passion for shopping. This interconnectedness fosters a sense of unity and shared experiences, transcending geographical boundaries. The excitement and energy generated during Black Friday create a truly global retail celebration.

🛍️ Opportunity for Small Businesses:

While larger retailers often take center stage, Black Friday also provides a golden opportunity for small businesses to shine. Entrepreneurs and local businesses can leverage this event to showcase their unique offerings, attract new customers, and compete on a larger scale. Black Friday acts as a levelling ground where businesses of all sizes can thrive.

🌿The thrill of unbeatable deals, long lines, and a shopping frenzy—Black Friday has etched its place in the retail world. Yet, in a time of heightened environmental awareness, a new movement has emerged: #GreenFriday. 🌍

In the fashion industry, where the environmental impact of consumerism is profound, Green Friday beckons us to reconsider our choices. This isn’t just about the clothes we wear; it’s about the world we want to live in. Here’s a brief dive into this shift:

🛒 The Black Friday Frenzy:

A global shopping phenomenon, Black Friday has been synonymous with discounts and chaos. While retailers celebrate the sales surge, critics highlight issues like excessive consumption, waste, and labour exploitation.

👗 The Toll of Fast Fashion:

Fashion’s impact is especially visible. Fast fashion, with its quick and cheap production, contributes to pollution, water waste, and unethical labour practices. The “wear it once and discard” culture exacerbates the problem, filling landfills with discarded clothing.

🌿 Green Friday: A Sustainable Alternative:

Enter Green Friday—a conscious alternative. It urges us to reflect on the environmental consequences of our purchases and choose brands committed to sustainability, ethics, and transparency in their supply chains.

🌱 Sustainable Fashion Practices:

Green Friday champions fashion that is not just stylish but also environmentally responsible. This means eco-friendly materials, reduced waste in production, and fair labour practices. Quality over quantity becomes the mantra, resisting the disposable nature of fast fashion.

🌎 Supporting Ethical and Local Brands:

Green Friday extends its hand to local and ethical fashion brands. By supporting companies that prioritize fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmentally friendly practices, we become advocates for a more sustainable and equitable industry.

🤔 Making Informed Choices:

It’s about being informed. Green Friday encourages us to research brands, understand their production processes, and consider the broader impact of our purchases. By supporting companies committed to sustainability, we become integral players in the movement towards a more responsible and eco-conscious fashion industry.

🌿 Conclusion:

As Black Friday maintains its dominance, the rise of Green Friday signals a shift towards a more sustainable future. Choosing between the two is not just about shopping preference; it’s a commitment to the health of our planet and the well-being of future generations. In this delicate balance between Black and Green, our choices today shape the fashion landscape of tomorrow.

Who participates?

You’ll be pleased to know that Zara participates in the Black Friday sales every year. If it’s anything like last time, you can expect 30-40% off selected lines.

Who doesn’t participate?

Unfortunately, if it’s Dior or Louis Vuitton you’re after, you’re out of luck. Exclusively stocked on the brand’s own websites, they don’t participate in Black Friday or Cyber

What is Clothes Swapping?

this is another great way to inject fresh items into your wardrobe without having to buy anything new. Very often these apps are full of clothes with their tags on and owners just looking to get rid of the surplus items clogging up their wardrobes, but equally open to swapping instead of selling if you have something they want.

Who is planet-conscious?

As a progressive luxury brand, Stella McCartney has always looked to the future. who strives to create the most beautiful and desirable products with the least impact on our planet. Her conscious values are the leading inspiration behind her products and innovations. As an industry leader, she endeavors to make use of the most cutting-edge and progressive materials that aim to reduce impact on the planet and are always cruelty-free, whilst following the principles of circularity. She continues to aim to increase our transparency across supply chains through diligent reporting, measuring, and tracking.

My best advice is to grab your eco-friendly Green Friday designer statement piece that could be a bag, shoes, or a skirt, get your black Friday bargains to accessories and layer up with tops, jackets, and jewellery, and turn that day look into a night look, or get lots of looks and wears out of that statement piece. Then relax on Buy Nothing Saturday and play around with your outfits and decide on your different looks for over the festive period.

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