Becoming Everpool Recruitment

November 1, 2022

1 Year at Everpool

As Everpool approaches its 1st business anniversary, the team has been reflecting on the year we have had. A lot has happened for Everpool and we asked some of our Consultants and Account Managers, who have been with us from the start, to share with us their experience with their first year…

The first year with Everpool has been a great success for me. I have worked my way up from a resourcer into a consultant, taking on the challenges and training opportunities to further develop myself and my workload. I feel at this stage, this gives me more opportunity as a person and from a career perspective. I am hoping for Everpool’s 2nd Anniversary I will have more responsibility within the business, managing my own accounts and clients of my own, this again will widen my opportunities.

 The support from the senior management team, and my colleagues has been amazing. Watching the business grow in itself has really been an eye opener for my future. Everpool has such a friendly and supportive environment, with each individual striving to be the best and I couldn’t have wished for a better team to work with.”  – Grace Cheetham


I think that the first year for Everpool has gone great. Both for the business and myself personally! Everpool is a great place to work and has such an open, friendly environment. The team is so supportive and there is help for everyone who needs it. I think this has really shown in the first year as many of the new starters (including myself) have come into recruitment with no previous experience and I think this just shows how much the senior team and all other team members have pulled together to reach the levels that we have.

I began here at Everpool as a resourcer and found out very quickly that I loved it and that it was a career that I wanted to be involved in for a very long time. I had originally set my goal to become a consultant in the start of 2023 and actually achieved this goal 6 months earlier than planned. I have since become an account manager, looking after our biggest accounts. It has been a very quick year and there is still so much to learn but I feel that with the support of the team I can keep improving and there is a lot more to come! I think this quick progress really shows the belief that Everpool and the management team have in their team and will always back them.

 I can see good things in the future here at Everpool and can only see year two being more successful than its first – Nathan O’Brien


Reflecting over the first year of Everpool is quite emotional. The growth within the company has been impeccable and I am so proud of how we have grown and developed both personally and as a team. I started off as a Resourcer back in August last year, since then I have taken on my own account and have brought on a team whom I would not be able to provide the service I do to my clients without them!

I have a team of 3 and currently manage 4 accounts. Something I wouldn’t have thought I’d be doing in such a short space of time. I wouldn’t have done any of this without our amazing management team. The support I have been given is second to none and I can’t believe how lucky I have been to work for such an amazing company. I am super excited for what’s to come in year 2 for Everpool and I cannot wait to be on the journey with the rest of the team. Here’s to 2023!”  – Alicia Cowan


Wow I can’t believe we are hitting our 1-year anniversary here at Everpool Recruitment; these 365 days have flown by!! Looking back and reflecting on the past 12 months what an incredible achievement it’s been for our business, colleagues, and myself personally.

Throughout this year I have seen the team grow massively; and have played a vital part within the senior team on supporting and upskilling new starters, along with existing staff within their promotions and next moves within the business; something I have always had a passion for!

Throughout doing this and supporting the team from strength to strength I have managed to continue to grow my personal billings hitting a new PB this year which is a huge achievement and something I never thought would have been possible – but here at Everpool there are no limits on what you can achieve!

 Here’s to an even better 2023 and I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us!”  -Samantha Hughes 


I was on maternity leave for the first 6 months of Everpool’s first year in business; but have been welcomed back into the office with some familiar and some new faces which is great to see.  The opportunities within Everpool for everyone are great – we are trusted to complete our role autonomously, with the knowledge of a great team backing us all the way and sharing our successes.  The business has gone from strength to strength in its first year and I’m excited to see what 2023 has to bring – well done to everyone!”  – Hannah MacFarlane


Published 1st November 2022