General Manager

  • £50000 - £60000 per annum
  • Gaywood, UK

Job Description:

Job Role: General Manager

Reports to:         Managing Director

Directly Supervising:    Senior Design Engineer

H&S Supervisor

   Works Manager

   Contracts Manager

   Stores Manager

   Laser Manager


Directly responsible to the Managing Director for the profitable direction, coordination, planning and control of all Design, Manufacturing, Site, Purchasing and H&S activities, directly and through the various subordinates

Adhering to the agreed standards of cost and quality and ensuring timely delivery to customers’ requirements; preparation and planning of manufacturing programmes expressed in terms of cost, delivery and activity levels; maintaining effective liaison within own departments, with all other company departments and where appropriate, with customers representatives.


  Business Planning and strategy

  • Assist the MD develop a strategy for the development of the business
  • Implement measures to drive up profitability and increase sales
  • Attend regular senior management meetings and provide operations input

 Company Systems

  • To take overall control of housekeeping
  • To convene and chair weekly production meeting and internal meetings, as required
  • To control coordination and direction of all projects (in conjunction with designated PM’s for larger projects)
  • To help in putting together a project management process

 Manning / Labour

  • To oversee the organisation of workload with Department heads.
  • Be directly involved in labour negotiations with matters of policy, employment conditions, wage levels, etc.
  • To engage and appraise factory personnel and to recommend promotion, disciplinary action or dismissal where appropriate.
  • Authority to transfer associates as required by workload requirements.

 Health & Safety

  • To oversee with H&S Consultant to ensure all statutory requirements are maintained with respect to the Company’s in-house and on-site activities
  • To overview safety precautions in all related operations
  • Oversee Company security.


  • In Conjunction with Works Manager, to monitor the Company’s Apprenticeship Training program.
  • To establish and monitor Quality Management systems and procedures

Company Schemes/Plans

    • To prepare budgets as required and take part in preparation of the Company plans.
    • To form a Works committee, should the climate require.
    • To review the Company Handbook and recommend any changes required to changes in legislation, etc.


  • To be responsible for the care and maintenance of the Company’s plant and buildings, for the general housekeeping and for the security of the premises.
  • To make suggestions for the improvement of the Company’s facilities.
  • Control building maintenance.

Plant & Machinery

    • Oversee maintenance of all plant records.
    • Ensure effective and efficient operation of factory Stores and material management.
    • Recommend Plant expenditure in conjunction with MD


  • To develop and oversee Quality Assurance Procedures for all works subjected to a manufacturing code.
  • To monitor the Company’s ‘Engineering’ Insurance policy on a 6-month basis.
  • CE EN1090 management



  • To oversee Laser Cutting/Folding management team with the profitable direction, coordination, planning and control of manufacturing operations.


Build and maintain in-depth understanding of our manufacturing, technical and site processes, key bottle-necks and opportunity areas.
To find ways to make the Company more productive by providing effective methods in its business operations
To drive strong team working environment by setting clear expectations of how the team needs to perform
To promote the effectiveness and efficiency of after-sales support service (including spares and maintenance contracts)
People management: You will be an inspirational leader that can motivate and inspire a team of multi-disciplined engineers to work together and deliver successful projects.

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